Tutorial: Compiling 3.10 for macOS

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  by Gibby » Sat Feb 25, 2017 8:41 am
Greets All:

Here's a quick recipe to get Torque 3D compiled on macOS (aka OSX10.12 'Sierra').

This tutorial is presented with the caveat that it is for masOS 3.12 'Sierra', xCode 8.2.1, CMake 3.7.2.
The same approach works for earlier versions of the OS and compiler, but other versions are beyond the scope of this tutorial.

Step 1:
Download and install xCode for macOS – the stock install should work for a stock build of T3D
(I’m using version 8.2.1)

Step 2:
Download and install CMake
(I’m using version 3.7.2)

Step 3:
Download the T3D source and assets from GitHub here:

(This tutorial uses version 3.10 Main)

Step 4:
Extract the zip file to a directory of your choice:

(This tutorial uses Desktop/Dev/Torque3D_310)

Step 5:
Open CMake. The top dialog box has you point to the source directory:

The next Dialog box asks for the binaries directory. T3D is setup by default to build in the ‘My Projects’ directory. You can create this in advance and browse to it, or simply enter the directory name and CMake will prompt you with a dialog box to create it for you. Mine looks like this:

/Users/gil_morales/Desktop/DEV/Torque3D_310/My Projects/Test30


Step 6:
Press ‘Configure’ and Cmake will prompt you with a box asking which compiler to use (I use the default settings):


After you press ‘Done’ you will get this message error, don't worry about this, we'll deal with it in the next step:


Press ‘Okay’

Now go in and enter the name of your binary in the TORQUE_APP_NAME field:


Press ‘configure’ and CMake will setup your project.

Step 8:
Once configured, CMake will display the Generate options. Mine look like this:


Press ‘Generate’. CMake will generate your xCode project.

Step 9:
Once the ‘Generating done’ message is prompted in CMake’s message window, close it and navigate to your project directory.
In your project directory, you should find your xCode project:


Open the project, once xCode has opened it, click Product/Build (Cmd-B) and xCode will begin to compile the project.
Note you’ll get hundreds of warnings, most of which come from cross-platform Semantic issues that you can ignore. Go make tea, come back in 5 minutes and it should be done.

Step 10:
After your binary is compiled, go to Product/Scheme and select ‘Install’.
Click Product/Build (Cmd-B) and xCode will run the install script installing the scripts and assets from the Full template into your game directory.

Step 11:

When xCode has finished running the script, navigate to your game directory and click on the app – you’re now running Torque3D!
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by whyasky » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:16 am
anyone had success with this? just trying to compile / test my build on Mac OS ... cant follow this directly as "cmake" is a CLI tool not a GUI tool, yet the author is mentioning "Dialog" boxes ??

[edit] found the GUI version of the app here > https://cmake.org/download/
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