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Jason Campbell
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by Jason Campbell » Sat May 26, 2018 6:52 pm
This is strange, I added this to vehicleWheeled.cs in scripts/server to see what was happening and it only registers if I hit AIPlayer, Bouncy Rocks, AITurrets but not TSStatic shapes. I'll keep looking into this, I hope tonight.

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function WheeledVehicleData::onCollision(%this, %obj, %col, %vec, %speed) { // Collision with other objects, including items echo("car collision:",%col.getName()); }
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by LukasPJ » Sat May 26, 2018 8:00 pm
It would seem someone decided not to have collisions with TSStatic's as they aren't really meant to be interacted with I guess.
The culprit is here:
https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D ... pp#L50-L55

Would have to add TSStatic there.
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by OTHGMars » Sun May 27, 2018 12:00 am
TSStatic is a StaticShapeObjectType, so that mask should detect it.
https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D ... c.cpp#L108.

Edit: And it does, but LukasPJ is correct. Apparently it was decided that Vehicles should only generate collision callbacks for ShapeBase derived objects.
https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D ... 1415-L1419
https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D ... 1610-L1624
You could make your rocks StaticShape instead of TSStatic and get the callbacks.
Jason Campbell
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by Jason Campbell » Sun May 27, 2018 6:30 am
I just tried to get StaticObjectType added to the mask. I added it and included tsStatic.h and it compiled without errors but still did not detect TSStatic on collision.

Think it was removed because TSStatics are just supposed to sit there.

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: probably that is the answer, using StaticShapes. OP could also mess about with Rigid Shapes and applyImpulse to the collision for some simple movement stuff.
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by Hodo33 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 1:25 am
What happens when you have a large city? I thought TSstatic was made to avoid all the overhead of the staticshape. I have vehicles crashing into buildings all over. My quick temporary fix

function PickupTruck::onImpact(%this, %obj, %col,%vec,%vecLen)
echo("IMPACT "@%obj SPC %col SPC %vecLen);

%vecLen does give me a value so I use that to put damage on the truck...
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