[PAID] - Port GMK to T3D rc 3.10/4.0

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by J0linar » Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:41 pm
Hey folks,
after some time in the never ending sea of real life changes and engine changes am back with T3D again and again and this time for good.
It was not a hard choice to move back, T3D makes me at least feel the dirt between my teeth when working with it, it makes pain a pleasure if you know what i mean now anyways
yes i could go on and do my thing without GMK but its what i would need or at least i imagine building my project with it and am sure there are other ppl who would benefit of a updated GMK for T3D 3.10/4.0
and am sure there is someone out there who is willing to earn some easy money. After all GMK has been ported by others to 3.5/2.0 and so on, even i ported it a couple of times (i say even i cuz am not really a code person, i can code a bit, compile and make things brake and i guess sometimes even fix them but i cant fix GMK).

Now If you are willing/interested
please reply.

How Much to expect?!
50$ + 100$
Payment will be made via paypal:
There will be 2 payments, one initial payment 50$ to get you started
and a final payment 100$ when the job is done.

Time Frame:
1 month max.
Lets be honest there is no reason to stall, either just do it or dont and 1 month is more then enough time.

The Party i choose will be informed via pm on this forum.

Relevant Links:
https://github.com/logicking/GMK GMK Original Source Code by logicking

https://github.com/John3/T3D_GMK_BULLET updated GMK for T3D 2.0 by by Johxz

https://github.com/RoundedIcon/T3D-MIT-GMK-Port updated GMK for T3D 3.5 by RoundedIcon

Now if you want to help and earn some money in the process, reply to this thread and include some sample work in your reply.

If you should accept, the ground rules are as follows
  • the updated GMK Port needs to be on GitHub public!
    the License has to stay MIT!
    the Port has to be fully functional
    it has to be made with a forked Version of the current T3D 3.10/4.0 Developement Head!

Thx for taking the time to read/ taking interest in this. I wish you all nice holidays and hope to see some interest here, thank you.
Who knows what the new year brings and it might even end up in you and me working together on something, so dont be shy.
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by Johxz » Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:13 pm
Hi @ J0linar good to see you here again bro...

I was very willing to give a go and upgrade GMK to a new version of T3D, I stopped for the little interes in GMK.

I can helping with this...just a warning, the original code have some already bugs when Yuri upgraded from TGA to T3D. So in the strict sense, may or may not have the same bugs to the original GMK. The ported of RoundedIcon have missing stuff and some broken for that reason I had to start over...

So if you let me, I can start from where I left it and upgrade to v3.10 :roll: It sounds good?
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by J0linar » Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:35 pm
Hey thx for the reply and the interest,
i forgot one link i found
Anis was working on some kind of refactoring of GMK and it might help out as well.

https://github.com/Lopuska/Torque3D/tre ... factor_GMK GMK Physics Refactoring by Anis

Now take the holidays and come back to me if you really want to do this, i would of course prefer you now as you are some one who has experience with it.
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by Timmy » Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:28 am
If you get no-one else i will do it for ya in the year, PM if you like.
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by J0linar » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:26 am
Party Chosen - PM sent.

To the rest, thank you for your interest and i wish you a good start in the new year.

Thank you.

To Mods:
Please keep this thread open for possible future updates regarding the Porting of GMK to T3D 3.10/4.0
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by RasterRon » Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:18 pm
I hope this will be a successful port guys, J0linar. I'm also kind of working on a port but with just 3.8, so with your 3.10/4.0 requirement and full functionality, I did not bother to reply earlier. As for the bugs, it seems like the same 3.5 ported and carried over issues that still exist like multiple vicinity ragdoll stretching to 0,0,0 and other broken stuff which is out of my scope.

Looking forward to this!
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by J0linar » Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:01 pm
Am confident in the person i chose,
as for the multiple vicinity ragdoll stretching to 0,0,0 Issue...

If am not mistaken i fixed it once, with the soldier model... cant`t remember right now what i did but am sure i can fix that again. (Never bothered to complete the work since Greed went downhill and me mia).

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by RasterRon » Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:17 pm
Looks great!
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by RasterRon » Wed Dec 21, 2016 1:55 am
I kind of figured out a quick workaround while checking out the ragdoll data stuff. It also looks similar to what you have applied there with GREED. I just took out a few joints that don't seem too noticeable, and the stretching disappeared right away. Tweaking also the bone size does have some slight effect but not sure if it could fix it.

A friend also has some suggestions that could somehow be useful:
the problem that you're describing sounds like the ragdoll bodies have penetrated prior to becoming active. When active bodies collide, physics sim can determine the forces acting on the bodies and apply forces in the reverse direction to prevent penetration, but if the bodies are already penetrated prior to becoming active it'll be difficult to determine what the reverse forces should be (physics sim would have to guess which from which face the penetration has occurred and would probably guess the wrong one) and would take time to eventually become separated. What I think would help is, perhaps, make use of something like active capsule collision to separate the bodies prior to activating ragdoll bodies.
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by J0linar » Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:33 pm
(at least from my pov and for what i hoped)
Evrything works as it should.

The Port was made by rextimmy

RexTimmys GitHub
it compiles without issues and works
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