Blending between keyframes?

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by saindd » Fri Oct 30, 2015 5:50 pm
Since i have limited animation skills, i'm trying to create more with less. I've decided to take David Rosen's approach to animation, but i'm starting with something really simple and not that complex. Basically, i've made 3 keyframes, with the character posed in what is going to be the running animation. I have the keyframes imported successfully in Torque, but i have no idea how to blend between then during the run state. The current character code only plays an existing animation sequence, and i'm trying to build a sequence in runtime, based on the poses i have set.

I've studied the Blends feature, but it seems like a solution to blend between animation sequences, so the player can smoothly go from Jumping to Running, for example. Could it be used for this purpose? Or maybe that's a task for the Threads feature?
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