Upgrading Diffuse to PBR (Using Substance Designer)

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by Bloodknight » Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:33 am
I needed to upgrade my traditional materials to PBR for the 4.0 Preview, also to make them look nicer.

I do not know if this works with substance player (which is free as far as I know) since it asks for my designer path

While this isn't a perfect method, it does a semi-decent job of auto-generating maps that can be hand edited at a later date for improvements, I'll link some tutorials that help with this at the end.

Quick Start
  • Step 1) Drag and drop the images into the resources section (hover over the folder name)
  • Step 2) Drag and drop images as inputs
    • If the images are the same size you can just drag them into the inputs
    • if they are different sizes I have found that deleting these inputs and dragging the images into the graph as new inputs work best, you need to connect the nodes as seen here
  • Step 3) Click on the spanner and select 'Export Outputs'
Edit the green section, the yellow section will append the map names (these are named to work with the current default 'testconfig' but these can be changed.

If you are only exporting to Torque3D you can just export the outputs in box 3 of the first screenshot, you can either disable the outputs in the dialog above, or you can delete the outputs in box 4 of the first screenshot

Customising the metal and roughness values.

Unfortunately, I can't be much more help here that to say play with the sliders, if the texture has no metal at all select a uniform black input.


https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1Ln8y8DS ... 4tVMMDq5kh
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