Small issue with water foam

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  by Duion » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:43 pm
I have a small issue with the water foams visibility, I noticed the visibilty of the water foam at the beaches changes depending on your view angle.

Here is an example, where you view from top down and can clearly see the fully spectrum of the foam on the coast:

And here another picture where you look normally straight from the coast and most of the foam has disappeared from view, even though the player has not moved further away, just the view angle has changed.:

The problem with that is, that ingame you normally play from the first person perspective and hardly ever get to see top down, so you hardly ever see the foam effect except a little bit of it, when you look top down.

I noticed that there is a similarity to the caustics postFX which behaves the other way around, it is there if you look straight but goes away as you look down.

I would like to change that, so that the foam is always visible, any ideas how to do that?
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