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  by Duion » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:20 pm
The caustics postFX always annoyed me, it is a nice addition, the problem is just that it is in full strength everywhere.
It simulates the light shining through the waving water surface producing reflections on the ground, but it should decrease the deeper you go into the water, since the light intensity decreases with depth.
How hard would that be to program? I don't know much about shaders, but what I imagined is to have the whole effect decrease over distance in the z-axis, like 100% intensity at 1 meter then it decreases until it reaches 0% at 20 meter water deep or so.
Currently I made a workaround by just decreaseing the overall strength of the effect, it helps a bit.

Another small problem I have with caustics is that the intensity changes depending on your look angle, the effect is fully visible if you look straight ahead, but the more to the ground you look the more the effect disappears and if you look 90 degree straight down, it is completely invisible. So why is that? How hard would it be to fix?
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