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by Zweshi » Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:22 am
Hello Torque community, Today i would like to announce to you, Enduring life, a game that we have been developing for the last year using the Torque3D engine as our main tool. The game is now getting closer to being feature complete and is currently in its content production stage. Enduring life is a multiplayer open world survival game with heavy emphesis on staged progression from the stone age to the present era with city building and siege warfare in a persistent world.

Who are we?
We are a three man indie team from Sweden going by the name of the sleepless geek squad with years of experience with Torque3D and 3D art now looking forward to in the not so distant future release our flagship game Enduring life made with Torque3D.

The game world:
The game takes place in Europe roughly 50 years after the world decended into nuclear war. The world is completely desolate of people, the only exception being the players themselves. The players upon entering the world will be left with nothing and will either have to fend for themselves to survive or make alliances with other players in an unforgiving sandbox survival environment. The game world at launch is set to be roughly 18km2 of landmass as well as plenty of ocean in between islands.
Every step you take counts and impacts the game world from chopping down a tree to building a hut out in the forest, these changes to the world are persistant and will remain either until a new tree can regrow or until the hut becomes derelict, run down and eventually gets reclaimed by nature or destroyed by a siege weapon by other players.


The Character:
Central to the game play experience in Enduring life is your character and the traits you choose to pursue. Your character as he or she either builds structures, participates in combat or even becomes a farmer will get more proficient in that skill unlocking more structures to build, object to craft or simply become better at using the tools he already has.
The character skills do get lost if killed, they can largely be preserved though if the player decides to write down his accumulated knowledge which can on ressurection be read and attained a new.

The player inventory is based on the players physical capabilities to carry objects either in his hands or by storing objects in a backpack, or a more fixed storage variant such as a house. The inventory uses realistic measurements when deciding how much one can carry and is be based on a grid GUI design with different object taking up diffing amounts of space.

Environment / Food and drink:
The environment affects the player character heavily who will need to seek shelter, warm clothing, food and drink to stay healthy for long periods of time. Taking a swim in ice cold water or spending to much time in a contaminated area can be fatal.


Weapons in Enduring life will be a valuable player crafted resource used to PvP(player vs player) but also to hunt the indigenous animals in the world for food and clothing. Weaponry will follow the same progression type as the rest of the game starting in the stone age and reaching all the way up to present day.
On release Enduring life will have a pletera of weapons for the player to create ranging from a simple bushcraft crossbow all the way up to present day rifles.


Enduring life will feature vehicles on land, sea and in the air, and all vehicles in game will be player built and maintained. Today we are going to take a deeper look at the vehicle shown above the ”Armadillo”.
The Armadillo is a slow moving Armored personnel carrier/Mobile artillery piece, the vehicle excels at siege warfare, mainly to destroy player built buildings but is also great at providing area denial capability to its carried troops either by direct or indirect fire both with smoke rounds or normal area of effect damage rounds.
The vehicles primary dissadvantages is its soft armor that can be easily penetrated as well as its main armament not having the ability to pivot horizontally only vertically along with needing very resource intensive shells to fire.
These features combined with its plentiful storage capacity makes the Armadillo both a home on wheels for the people operating it as well as a devastating siege weapon that will be a contender through out in its specific field of use.


This picture is taken in one of the cities left behind from the old world however a large part of the game will be the players own construction of a more permanent residence far removed from any prebuilt city. Although it is possible to live as a nomad that is not a easy way to live in the game, The characters ability to navigate the world is limited in scope due to the need for food, water, rest and shelter among other factors making the construction of a base camp essential.
Building in its early stages will be more like camping out in the woods, but as you progress through the ranks or even become a specialized builder in your group a lot more options will open up to you from residential houses, tank workshops or even bunkers for defense.

Location, Location, Location:
Player built structures can be built anywhere in the world without arbitrary restrictions as long as the ground beneath your feet is suitable for the selected structure and you have the required resources.

Player built housing:
The player built house will be a persistent structure in the world where your belongings can be locked behind a shut door rather then being scattered in the wilderness, However as with everything in Nadir your house is not a perfect safe haven as siege vehicles as the Armadillo described earlier can destroy such structures. Although to conduct siege warfare you will need huge amounts of resources and plenty of allies so a built structure on the merits of balance have a great change to remain.

The game is currently in its content production phase, meaning that all systems needed for a beta release are either done or just about done with more content being the current main factor in the development process along with level editing of the world itself.
Hopefully you will follow along as we develop this world into something great using Torque3D as our main tool to do so, thank you and see you in the next blog or on social media.

Feel free to reach out via social media.

Jonas Twitter: Zweshi – Lead programmer / 3D artist
Ilias Twitter: Badsik1k - Lead 3D artist / Lead 2D artist
Patrick Twitter: PatrickComan - 3D artist

Torque3D.org contact:

Jonas: @ Zweshi – Lead programmer / 3D artist
Ilias: @ badsik1k - Lead 3D artist / Lead 2D artist
Patrick: @ the1skorpion - 3D artist
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by chriscalef » Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:42 am
Wow, this game looks incredible! Very nice work so far! Good luck with the final phases, can't wait to play it.

And welcome to the community, btw!
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by Tibi8215 » Tue Oct 06, 2015 6:01 am
Wow! This game sounds awesome. Can't wait to get more news about it and eventualy play it! Great job guys!!!
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by Chelaru » Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:32 am
Look really good. Did you made any changes to the engine(rendering, tools) ?
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by JeffR » Tue Oct 06, 2015 4:22 pm
Man, I feel like a tool for missing this when you first posted it up. Looks pretty good!
Look really good. Did you made any changes to the engine(rendering, tools) ?
Yeah, I hope you guys do a postmortem, or can provide feedback on what issues you faced/suggestions what you'd like to see going forward.
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by badsik1k » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:41 pm
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Glad you like it and thanks for the well wishes!

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Thank you, more devblogs are on the way in the not to distant future, stay tuned!

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Thanks, We have made some engine changes to make certain system function such as tanks but we have not made changed to the rendering pipeline or the toolset as of now.
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by Zweshi » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:42 pm
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Thank you, There sure have been many sleepless nights of coding/scripting and still a few to go to get it where it needs to, I would hope to provide some recommendations when time allows, that will have to be further down the line though.
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by the1skorpion » Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:23 pm
Enduring life now has a new home! our website is fresh of the press and ready for visitors, feel free to stop by.




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