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by Duion » Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:13 am
Since Torque is MIT licensed I had the idea to develop a fully free open source game.
Developing an FPS game is a big task, especially because I started with no prior skills in that area.
So I'm trying to find people with similar goals.

Now I joined with Ahsan Muzaheed from the community, he helped me with some things in the past, but he had to abandon Torque development since it was not possible to live from just developing for Torque.

We have chosen Patreon and Gratipay as funding methods, it is like an ongoing kickstarter campaign, so there is no time limit to meet the goal, it is open end.

Support Ahsan Muzaheed on Patreon: or Gratipay:

He is the programmer for Uebergame and for pledging him you will get development of FPS features for Torque3D in the form of a free open source game.

Support me on Patreon: or Gratipay:

I'm the creator and artist of Uebergame, for pledging me you will get development of the game and free art assets released on my site: see it as some kind of free asset store.
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