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Re: Demo levels & free art assets :)

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:19 pm
by Johxz
The issue with the vegetation was that it did not had any LOD's. The number of polys was constant even if i was on the other side of the map. I would love to see some levels in the version 4 of the engine with the baked global illumination.
I open a issue here ... s/issues/1 for not forgot it, when I have a little of time I will review again the demos and improve it to work better with the last dev of t3d. Right now I'm busy doing some stuff for t3d linux and blender
I can help with the god ray shader ( i have some nice settings, if you want to try)
Look nice! yes thank you, if you want to share in here, or contribute with a PR or open a issue and I can merge it.