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by LukasPJ » Tue May 21, 2019 9:34 pm
Hey guys,

Just a quick thread as a reminder for myself and an opportunity for others...

I wrote a game in C# using T3D as a backend for my Master's thesis (some details here) viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1001
I can't remember which repo has my most up-to-date C# work though, gimme a sec..
Think this one:
Is the most up-to-date of the C#-side of things

And I believe this branch has a lot of C++-side changes which are necessary for some of the interop stuff and for exposing some internal stuff:
https://github.com/lukaspj/Torque3D/tre ... que3d-work

Btw, the C# work that I have done is statically typed one way but not the other.
Engine -> Script is stringly types (to remain compatible with TS)
Script -> Engine is statically typed (for them speed gains)

Oh I have a tiny bit of documentation here:

When i were working on C# on the Torque6 engine

A fun C# + T3D game.

A discussion thread with some bonus information:

Sorry for crapping here, just wanted it somewhere static and public :)
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