Goals of uebergame?

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by Code_Man » Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:47 pm
I was wondering but couldnt find a list of what uebergame aims to have in long or medium term.
My primary question is if it aims to be a realistic shooter and if so to how much of a degree?
I have a couple of things i would find nice, i was wondering if they are planned and if so worked on.

For one i want to be able to pick up killed players weapons and swap them for the one i have equiped, or at the least if they have the same weapon steal their ammo.
Also the weapons are not a 100% accurate, in real life however most weapons are highly accurate, but the aim is not and will get disrubted when firing.
And how about having mannable mounted guns and other stationary or even deployable weaponry?

Plus i wonder about the map themes, is it by design only outdoor maps or would you(duion) consider having all or mostly indoor themed maps like say inside a bunker?

Another thing, i was wondering if objective based gameplay like in wolfenstein enemy territory could be a thing, i realize its a lot of work to do the assets and maps, but speaking hypothetically.
In case you dont know, one team tries to blow up a series of objectives while the other team tries to stall them long enough.
Or any other game modes for that matter.

Will vehicles be thing too some day maybe?
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by Duion » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:35 am
Well there is no specific goal, it can be anything, I designed it to be a framework, where you can build all kinds of gameplay modes or map themes into.

Anything goes, if you program a feature, build a map or so, just make a pull request on github or contact me directly, then I will see, if I can build it in.

I had similar features than you suggested already in mind, some are even partly finished, the problem is just, that I cannot integrate partly working features, since it would break the gameplay. It is still a long way from a prototype to a bugfree working version that can be used in the final game. I got like 6 unfinished maps, two of them are indoors only, but I was too lazy to fill it all up with deecoration objects and proper textures. Realistic players and weapons are also planned, but are not finished for obvious reasons, since it would require lots of models and animations.

So if you want to help with something just go ahead, don't worry about assets, levels etc, thats easy for me to do I mostly get stuck with programming.
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by Code_Man » Sat Jun 23, 2018 2:34 pm
Well thats good to hear.

Im afraid however my t3d programming knowledge at this point is minimal, however im picking up the pace.

For a good while now i have been collecting high quality public domain assets and try to convert them to t3d(among other engines).
I came up with the idea to make maps for uebergame using those, however i have quite a ton of them and im afraid uebergame when shipped with those might grow real fat.
What is your opinion on this?
I am a little concerned where you draw the line about uebergame getting too big.

I will also work on a objective based gameplay for uebergame and some other smaller things that might be interesting.
Ultimately those things i use for my own purposes, but since i have a long way to go with my projects yet i thought it might be a good idea to include them in uebergame for now.
I think its good if we pull at the same rope for the time being and enriching uebergame with features as i go along since i think the idea behind this.
I will keep you updated if i make anything decent and you can include it or not.
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by Duion » Sat Jun 23, 2018 2:48 pm
I did collect free assets from the internet in the beginning as well, but this has some major downsides, first, you get inconsistend quality, second not everything uploaded as free is really free, so you trip into potential landmines there and third you hardly ever get enough fitting material.
This is why I started making almost everything myself, so the best option is to use the assets that already ship with Uebergame and if you need some custom models for your level, just stick it into the level folder.
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