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Pull Request: CInterface Update

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:08 am
by LukasPJ
Pull request:
Branch: ... ace-update

The PR seeks to update the CInterface, which was left in order to integrate JavaScript with T3D.

My main issues with the existing solution was that it still used the TorqueScript console for method calls, which is inefficient compared to calling functions directly. Also it didn't really work any more.
Furthermore, this CInterface seeks to transfer the control of method-lookups and the like from the console to the script that interfaces with the engine.

Main issues that needs to be addressed:

Script->Cinterface calls
In the codeInterpreter.cpp, TorqueScript calls the CInterface, this code should be reviewed / verified: ... b21c6f783b

In console.cpp, the CInterface is called before the console is inquired about evaluation of the function call. This should be reviewed / verified: ... 067262f6ad

Cinterface->Engine calls
In engineTypes.h, the ValueType of EngineStructTypeTraits has been changed, despite the fact there was a clear reason that it had the original type to begin with. This should be reviewed / verified: ... 9c865a5cc6