Recreate/Replace Game Classes with E/C

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Steering Committee
Steering Committee
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by JeffR » Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:35 pm
Game Class E/C conversion rough breakdown:

  • Mesh Render(Done)
  • Animation(Done)
  • Sound Emitter(Mostly Done)
  • Collision(Done)
  • Item Rotation(Done)
  • Camera Component(Done)
  • Player Physics Controller(Done)
  • Simple Physics
  • Rigid Body Physics
  • Vehicle Springs
  • State Machine(Done)
  • Damage/Destruction
  • Particle Emitter
Game Classes
  • Mesh Render
  • Collision
  • Animation
  • Sound Emitter
  • Fade/Cloak
  • Damage/Destruction
  • Same as Shapebase
  • Player Physics Controller
  • Mesh
  • Collision
  • Animation
  • Item Rotation
  • Simple Physics
  • Mesh
  • Collision
  • Animation
  • RigidBody physics
  • Vehicle springs
  • Engine/Control component?
  • Mesh
  • Animation
  • Collision(Maybe a separate, simpler version that just raycasts to detect wall penetration?)
  • State Machine
This is a rough starting list. I'll do up some of the other game classes(like turrets) next, but this should be a good block-out point. The logic for the components not yet done can be peeled out of the respective reference Game Class(like the vehicle springs being pulled from the vehicle class)
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by Happenstance » Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:09 pm
This is definitely helpful and gives me a better idea of where the E/C systems are at. @
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also provided me with a basic SoundComponent last night to look over. I think at this point I'm going to try putting a couple basic entities together just to see how everything fits together. I think eventually working my way up to a fully functioning Item object (renders a mesh, spins, reacts to collision) sounds like a reasonable goal.
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