▪PAID▪ Gradient shader for CustomMaterial

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by Mack » Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:48 pm
Know how the shader system works in Torque? Want to make some extra cash? This bounty may be right for you.

A simple gradient (two colours blending into each other) shader exposed to the material layer. Set the gradient colours in the material script rather than the shader. Gradient does not change position based on camera/player perspective. Shader does not require to receive light/shadowing/spec/normal/etc.

Specific use for this:
Applying the gradient shader through CustomMaterial to a model (TSStatic and Shapebase).

This cube (or 3 planes you could also say) share the same gradient material which spans across it.

Torque 3D (I use 3.9)

Bounty and contact:
Contact via PM, name your price. If you're an established Torque community member I'll pay half up front and half on completion. PayPal for payment.

Additional information:
Once job is completed and confirmed working the author (or myself) will post a Resource on the forums so the community can also benefit.

Contact via PM.
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