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by andrewmac » Mon Feb 22, 2016 5:42 pm

I know I've been quiet around here lately and that's mainly because all the developments with the engine have been internal and not very exciting. I've refactored a giant chunk of the rendering code to be extremely flexible. Cameras are now very flexible. You can add a camera component to any object and switch to that view easily. You can also use render to texture to render a camera to a texture. To do this you specify a render texture name, example: "SecurityCamTexture". Then in your material when you're filling in texture slots you can simply specify RenderTexture0="SecurityCamTexture" and it'll sample that render texture. This means multiple materials can sample a render texture, etc.

It's very flexible :D it even allows multiple separate deferred shading pipelines with unique GBuffers though obviously that's not encouraged :P
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