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by PaulWeston » Tue May 26, 2015 7:27 pm
Hi all,

Since I can't use Awesomium in a 64-bit build, I am exploring ways to duplicate that functionality using existing code.

We had some Flash video clips playing on our Awesomium shapes, I thought I could achieve the same thing with TheoraTextureObject.

So, I created .OGV versions of all the clips, set up the materials as they should be for the objects, and I try to pop one into the game.

Each time, it just comes up with a blank black texture. No warning or anything, and not the ugly orange "No Material" error, so it looks like it's halfway there, but I never see any of the video clips.

Is there something I am missing with this? All of this is stock now in the engine, correct?

Object I want to place video on: MyWebStarfield.dae (has a material named "WebStarfield")

My materials file:

singleton TheoraTextureObject(MyWebStarfieldTextureNametex)
texTargetName = "MyWebStarfieldTextureName";
theoraFile = "scripts/web/video/star_voyager1.ogv";

singleton Material(WebStarfield_WebStarfield)
mapTo = "WebStarfield";
diffuseMap[0] = "#MyWebStarfieldTextureName";
emissive[0] = "1";

The OGV files I have are pretty decent quality, perhaps they are too big? But they are not much bigger than another OGV file I am successfully playing in a GUI on game startup using GuiTheoraControl.

Anyhow, is anyone successfully using TheoraTextureObject to play videos on objects in-game, on a 64-bit build of 3.7 RC?

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