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by J0linar » Wed May 04, 2016 10:43 am
Hey folks,
stumpled upon a pretty neat WIP by Matt Lucas

A short showcase by the Creator

A very long introduction/explanation by the Creator

Download here
Consider Donating to the Creator as so far this Editor presents really some essential features you would expect, i for one hope to see it grow.

Here the facts what you can do,
*block out evry room u can possibly imagine
*auto boolean
*auto textue (you can change the res/texel density of the selected texture/material, you can define ceiling/wall/floor textures)

the final map can be imported into T3D/Unity/Ue4 - regarding the collision
in T3D you can use polysoup (as long as your map/level is not too complex but it might be better to create the collision seperately, a good starting point for the collision meshes would be the leftovers of the map building blocks.
What i mean with leftovers, when u build your map in blender, the block/mesh you used to build it, stays and by copying it you create new ares for the map, at the end you get 1 big mesh (this is your map) and plenty of seperate meshes (those are the building meshes u used to create the map).
I know it all sounds a bit odd but try it yourself and hf blending.
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by JeffR » Thu May 05, 2016 5:45 pm
Oh man, this thing is incredible. Thank you so much for the find.
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