Character with Rig and Animations and a crappy tutorial about transfering weights to a MakeHuman mesh

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Jason Campbell
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by Jason Campbell » Wed May 08, 2019 2:27 pm
This is a rig that is compatible with Gideon that can be used if you pose the model so the arms look like their holding a gun. I found some ancient animations in an old folder that were compatible with Gideon and make it much easier to just drop the character into Torque without posing. They are pretty simplistic animations but could be helpful with AI or NPCs that don't require huge detailed movements.

If you happened to end up using this in a project or find it useful, the guy who made them has one model on TurboSquid that is from the same set. ... ier/292991

Crappy Video

What I tried to do was make an easy way to take a MakeHuman and transfer the weights from the included model to a new one. I am certainly no expert with Blender and most of the times it is luck if I get something to work.

You will need MakeHuman and Blender(with mhx2 plugin) ... loads.html

Download the .blend file and torqueGameChar folder in this
Download: ... 3KSj_hze1J

1) Use MakeHuman to create your character. In the Pose/Animate Tab chose Tpose from the Pose Menu to the right.

Export as mhx2. I used Feet on Ground and meter as export settings.

2. Import the .mhx2 file into Blender. There are multiple meshes for hair, clothes, eyebrows etc.. We want to join them


------ Once joined, export it as an .obj file for now. I find it easier to work with.

------ Open the included .blend file

------ Import the .obj file you just exported, rotate the model 180 degrees and scale to try to fit the model to the .blend model. Take your time and try to match the rig.


3. Getting model ready before we transfer weights.

---- Clean up the awful names of the textures and remove any duplicate textures, if there are any

----- Now is a good time to remove some polygons by using the decimate modifier and create some LODs.

----- Hide the torque rig (so we don't get confused) by clicking the eyeball to the right of it.

----- Rename the new character to have 300 at the end.

----- Select the model and then click the wrench as seen in the screenshot. Hit Add Modifier and chose Decimate.


----- Lower the ratio in the decimate window. For this tutorial I chose .3 ratio and got around 10000 faces. This will be the high detail model.

----- Click apply. Copy the model and paste it right back. Name the copy with 100 at the end. Example: tutChar100.

----- Add a decimate modifier to this model, that we will make very low poly. I went down to 0.1776 and got 2000 faces. Click apply.(See image below)


4) Transferring weights

----- Make torqueBiped01 the parent of both details we just made by dragging them onto it in the inspector. Choose With Empty Groups from the choices.


----- In the inspector Select torqueGameChar mesh(the weighted source), then use SHIFT-Left Click to select the mesh we want to copy the weights to.


----- With those two meshes still selected, go to Weight Paint. (See image below)


---- Click Transfer Weights to the Left. In the Transfer Mesh Window below make sure that Source is By Name and Destination is All Layers.(See image below) the Weights will Transfer once these are changed.


---- Repeat this process for the higher detail mesh, (if you decided to create LOD) Use the original TorqueGameChar weights, don't copy the copy.

---- Make sure that the weights are there by clicking any of the bones in the inspector and going to Pose mode and see the mesh bend with the bones.

---- Once your sure that the weights are successfully transfered, you can delete torqueGameChar mesh.

---- Clean up any Lamps or Camera and go ahead and Export as .DAE and that should do it.

---- Once you get the Model in Torque you will need to rotate and move Mount0 in the Shape Editor so that the Character is holding guns correctly.

---- In the shape editor, go to Mounting in the Advanced Properties. Choose Node - Mount0, the Shape should be a third person weapon, Type should be Image.

---- Click the icon that looks like a sheet of paper to add the weapon to the model(see below)


---- Select the Mount0 node and rotate and move it until gun looks like it is in the models hand. You may need to load a sequence to check it.

---- Sequences are in .dsq so when loading them you will need to select that from the drop down in the lower right corner of Open File dialog.

---- You will have to go into the Material Editor and turn off Transparency on some of the textures, the skin and clothes. Some textures require transperancy.

---- Set up the details in the Shape Editor for LOD


---- I'm sure that there will be other problems. Making this tutorial was very confusing for me.
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by XIXWYRMEXIX » Sat May 25, 2019 3:49 pm
Hey Jason thanks for this, been looking for something like this for a bit now. I have not done the tutorial yet but I will soon and give feedback. I am also not great at the modeling stuff, so even if there are "better" ways of doing this I haven't seen any tutorials on it and if it works then it is better than I had/have now. So thanks a bunch!
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