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by Bloodknight » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:10 pm
ok ok, more clickbait!

Once a week or two weeks depending on how often PRs are made I will be posting a short list of PRs that need to be reviewed or tested. Now that Travis has finally been implemented more effectively it should be far easier to determine whether the PRs at least compile on the *nix platforms, meaning the testing and reviewing should only need to be done.

Here are a couple of quick and easy ways to get hold of a single PR so that it can be built and tested, thanks to Timmy this has been reduced to just a few seconds of work.

How To

Method 1
find a PR you want to test, i'll use the sqlite one as an example.

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if you add .patch to the end of the PR you get

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you see a whole .patch text file in the browser window, save the page/file
i save mine to the root folder of my forked and cloned repo

assuming your branch is called development and it is on parity with the garagegames development branch, enter the following commands in gitbash or terminal launched from sourcetree. (i have a branch called gg-development specifically)

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git checkout development git branch TestPRs git checkout TestPRs git am 2299.patch
you should get somethimg like this.

I don't yet know about the whitespace issues, but it doesn't affect the testing, or at least not the ones I've done so far. I will adapt the instructions when i get more details

Method 2
you can clone a new repository directly to your computer just for testing.

once you have the clone you can issue the following commands

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git fetch origin pull/2299/head:TestPRs git checkout TestPRs

cleaning up ready for the next PR
Once you have reviewed and/or tested the PR, you can delete the branch using

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git branch -d TestPRs
when this is done you are ready to start on the next PR.


This is quite a valuable service for torque, it means that JeffR doesn't need to do all the testing himself, even tho many of the PRs are by seasoned devs like Azaezel and Timmy they still need to be reviewed. This means bugs get fixed quicker, features get added faster; It also means Jeff Az and Timmy can focus their time where we the community and users need them most, working on the stuff we don't understand, but make the engine shiny shiny.
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