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by Bloodknight » Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:27 pm
This has been discussed briefly in the chatty channels, I figured id bring it out here to document.

I have long been of the opinion do everything in debug until you want to beta test or release.

My recent building of modular levels has popped this into an unsure state. I have done some testing and selecting for moving a set of objects, for example, a room full of objects, in a modular design this could add up to 100s of objects quite easily.

selecting 578 objects (yeah I know, weird arbitrary number)

In release mode 3 seconds.
in debug mode 41 seconds.
in optimised debug 5 seconds.

At this point, I believe that the optimised debug is the best option (at least for me, possibly anybody else doing modular design) right now.
It would be interesting to know if this can be changed so that only certain aspects are strictly checked or are checked at certain points, like the collada import issue this could be enabled via the asset management interface somehow independent of builds.
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by Mud-H » Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:01 am
Not sure if related but with my work on TL I discovered that what make the selection of multiple objects very slow is the inspector which add all objects. In most case, you don't even need the inspector when selection many objects so I added a inspect multiple object checkbox or when the inspector is added, objects are not added which make selection lighting fast. But if the goal is to change variables on those objects then you need some patience :)
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