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Updates, blogs etc

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 3:37 pm
by Bloodknight
This is mostly for Jeffs works since they are prime importance to the majority of the community, but on the whole works for everyone who has an ongoing project I guess.

Make. Them. Read. ONLY.

Given that on the whole these threads get cluttered with platitudes and irrelevant questions along with a bunch of requests for updates, it's increasingly difficult to see the pertinent information in such threads. Its like posting net-neutrality news in the NASCAR section, 90% don't read it, the 10% that do don't understand.

Details are often missed simply because of there being 20 pages of garbage, lost in there are also useful questions about features, given that we don't have a useful or usable website and that the forum is pretty much the last bastion of the non real-time update options, I think that blogs and updates could be treated as announcements, with a separate thread for discussion.