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  by Gibby » Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:07 am

I wanted to send a big Muchimas, Muchimas Gracias to the Steering Committee as well as all the folks who have so generously contributed to Torque 3.7 - feels like the good ol' days of Torque again! Also a big shout out to the IRC community as well for always being so helpful...

For this week's practice level, I thought I'd work on a non-game project I've had ongoing for a while called Mexica Virtual.
It's a web-based virtual walkthrough of a Mesoamerican city just prior to the conquest with point-and-click popups describing the history of the structures and items.
I'm applying for a Cultural grant to hire voice-over/character artists and needed a concept demo of the project to show off the idea.
What with T3D 3.7rc just out, I thought I'd give it a go and four and a half hours later got this result:

I started by downloading the repo and Ron Kapaun's 'Tropical Rainforest Pack'. I had the Arteria 'Mayan' pack on hand as well as a heightmap from the TGE days, created by Skar, that I'd since modded extensively in L3DT and Photoshop. Once I had the parts together, I created the new project using the 'Full' template and compiled it in VS2010. I created a new level, imported the heightmap and spent a bit of time setting up the terrain. Using a technique similar to the CryTech style, I created terrain materials using a solid color for the diffuse and various and sundried macro and detail maps. I wound up creating a couple new ones in Genetica to get what I wanted, and modded some existing ones in Photoshop. Once I was happy with the terrain, I added a waterblock and began creating new forest brushes and ground cover objects using Ron's assets. After painting these onto my terrain I added clouds and tweaked the scatterSky variables to simulate a Rainforest typical of Central Mexico. Next, using a combination of ShaderMap and Photoshop, I created new normal maps for the structures and bashed up one of Ron's textures to use in an Accumulation Volume, covering the new-looking structures with moss.

I logged the time I spent on the level, starting at Half-past noon and stopping at Five O'Clock to capture the video shown above.
I guess after all those game jams I've got my speed-modding on point...
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by chriscalef » Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:38 pm

Nice work! I always loved that Mayan Temple pack.
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