Adding an SimXMLDocument as SimGroup/Set to GuiTreeViewCtrl

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by xetra11 » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:09 pm
Hey guys!

The doc of GuiTreeViewCtrl tells me that there is a way to insert a SimGroup / SimSet as the tree for the whole.
Where its been written down -> ... wCtrl.html

There is a function "open" which is described as
Set the root of the tree view to the specified object, or to the root set.
So what I now did is created a SimXmlDocument and parsed in a XML File. This works fine. But when I want to open this file with this function:
void GuiTreeViewCtrl::open(SimSet obj, bool okToEdit)
Things go wrong?

Thats because it awaits a SimSet as first param - but the SimXmlDocument is a what to do now? Is there a factory function to create a SimGroup/Set out of that?

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