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by chriscalef » Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:30 pm
So, is anybody using BadBehavior?

I've been using it extensively, but being somewhat allergic to GUIs I just always write my behavior trees in torque script. However, recently I realized this was perhaps the last of my regular user blockers, so I thought I'd see what the the actual situation is, and I found several things going on there.

First off, it seems that if you bring up the behavior tree editor (by hitting F9) from any place other than the main menu, before entering a mission, then the menus do not work. I get the world editor menus across the top of the behavior tree editor, instead of the behavior tree editors. Not having time to fix things like that right now, I've retreated to the one functional path I can identify, which is to do all your behavior tree editing immediately upon opening the program, before entering a mission.

However, the more serious bug I encountered was the fact that there seems to be no way to add or insert nodes into the tree - there is a right click popup menu, which shows Add and Insert Node as options, but when clicked they do nothing. Upon further investigation I discovered that there was supposed to be a submenu coming up with all of the node types available, but in my build this does not come up.

I messed around with it for a while, got nowhere, and finally retreated to adding all possible types directly into the main popup menu. It's cluttered, but it works.

Just wondering if anyone else out there is using this tool, and whether my problems are local to my build or not.
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by Duion » Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:20 pm
Yes, I know that bug, I already told it to some people, for example here:

I think it is broken since the introduction of the new SDL2 lib, which breaks the GUIs somehow, since BadBehavior is written with and for an older version.

As I was too lazy to bother with that, I decided to write my behavior trees in notepad.
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by chriscalef » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:29 pm
Ha ha, yeah that's been me all along, just using Torsion. But I finally looked around and realized that was about the last major component missing. It's still pretty much missing given the contortions you have to go through to use it, but it is possible anyway. :-p
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