programatically adjust soundemitter volume?

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  by fLUnKnhaXYU » Wed Jul 15, 2020 1:42 am
hello ,
Since im here anyway with my just posted issue with turretShape , Im gonna go ahead and post this new stumbling spot . The volume control listed in the sound emitters property panel in the editor does has no affect for me . I just encountered this while hoping to reduce a profile volume ie or eg or whatever a small camp fire which sounds like a roaring inferno . I haven't studied it very deeply and I am a bit unabashedly hoping someone might have a suggestion on programatically adjusting the volume . kind of strange thing that the option is in the properties but when i use Emitter.dump it shows no options for volume get or set . to clarify , as I probably should , this means ability to use the same profile at different volumes . thank you .
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