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Expanding and utilizing the engine via C++.
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by newaged » Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:17 am
Posting here again because I haven't learned how to github yet.
I was going through some tutorials when an issue popped up. The camera position given by GameTSCtrl::OnMouseDown and %GameConnection.getCameraObject().GetPosition() were clearly different, and it was making the serverCmd provided by the tutorial behave oddly. I wasn't sure if that was intended or not, so I made a new method to use in its place.

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DefineEngineMethod(GameConnection, getControlCameraPosition, Point3F, (), , "@brief Gets the true position of this GameConnection's camera.\n\n" "@see GameConnection::getCameraObject()\n\n") { MatrixF transform; if (!object->getControlCameraTransform(0.032f, &transform)) return {0, 0, 0}; return transform.getPosition(); }
Stick that somewhere near the end of gameConnection.cpp. %GameConnection.getControlCameraPosition() will return the position of the camera the same way OnMouseDown would.
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