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Expanding and utilizing the engine via C++.
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by Timmy » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:53 am
Hey everyone,

I recently updated the physx code to handle physx 3.4, there is a pull request here . Unfortunately due to licensing restrictions we can't ship binaries with T3D for physx :cry: , so here is how to make it work with the above PR.

*Grab a copy of the PhysX source code: . If you don't have access you must sign up here (it's totally free)
* Now we must compile PhysX (do note due to a bug with VS 2017, NVidia does not currently support it with physx, you must use VS 2015 (either 32 or 64bit)):
Navigate to /where_you_cloned_physx_repo/PhysX_3.4/Source/compiler and choose which compiler. Build both a debug and release build.
* Now we can build T3D with physx support,fire up cmake and select TORQUE_PHYSICS_PHYSX3. This will than need you to select the directory above where you cloned the physx source. You must select the root folder (not the PhysX_3.4 sub folder!)
* When you run the cmake install project it will copy the required files to your game directory.
* Happy physxing :mrgreen:

*Linux note: You must select a cmake build type(by default it is blank!), this is important as the file copy process will fail if you do not

I have tested it on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Obviously if there are any dramas just post it in here and i'll try and fix it. If my instructions above are not very good, just say so and i can make a youtube vid or something showing the process
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by Bloodknight » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:58 pm
In VS2017 there is a way to install the VS2015 toolset, however, i'm not sure how to access this directly. I'm assuming there's VS 2015 developer command prompt to build manually. Maybe somebody with better command and knowledge of the VS toolset will be able to chip in with more details, this should at least save having to fully install VS2015.
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