Assert on exit in ShadowMapManager

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by Happenstance » Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:36 am
Posting this here instead of creating a new issue on github because I'm not exactly sure why this happens (or rather, why it doesn't happen in a stock build of T3D).

In my build (based off of the latest dev branch with these changes to remove Basic Lighting) I get an assert when exiting the engine:
ShadowMapManager::instance() - The singleton has not been created!
The problem seems to be caused by ShadowMapManager being destroyed before AdvancedLightManager. The callstack looks something like this:
// This causes ShadowMapManager's MODULE_SHUTDOWN macro to run which calls ShadowMapManager::deleteSingleton().
// This calls SHADOWMGR->deactivate(). SHADOWMGR is simply a #define pointing to, you guessed it, ShadowMapManager's singleton instance. Assert time!
I can fix this in my build by adding the following to ShadowMapManager's MODULE_BEGIN definition:
This delays the shutdown of ShadowMapManager until the SceneManager has been destroyed which ensures AdvancedLightManager has also been destroyed. What I can't figure out is why this doesn't happen in stock T3D. Removing Basic Lighting seems to be related to this but I have no idea why.
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by JeffR » Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:43 am
Looking at this again, I want to say I'd run into something similar a good while back, where tweaking the module cleanup order helped resolve a problem, but I don't remember the particulars.

I'll keep an eye towards this, in case anything that seems related pops up. If I spot anything, I can post an update here, but I think for now the module re-order fix is probably a sufficient one. it shouldn't really impact anything negatively.
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