[Solved] How to Set Skin

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  by practicing01 » Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:24 pm
Solved Edit: The problem was that I need to set the model material name to base_tcgMat within blender.

I've got a TSStatic that I'm instantiating with:

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   %card = "dnclogo";
   %cardModel = new TSStatic()
          shapeName = "art/shapes/dotsnetcrits/tcg/card.cached.dts";
          position = %player.position;
          skin = %card;

The models material is:

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singleton Material(card_tcgMat)
   mapTo = "base_tcgMat";
   diffuseMap[0] = "dnclogo";
   translucentBlendOp = "None";
   effectColor[1] = "InvisibleBlack";

and the material I'm trying to set it to is:

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singleton Material(tcgdnclogo : card_tcgMat)
   mapTo = "dnclogo_tcgMat";
   diffuseMap[0] = "dnclogo.png";

the error I'm getting is: [MaterialList::mapMaterials] Unable to find material for texture: tcgMat

What's the correct way of setting skins? Thanks for any help.
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