Using arrows keys to simply rotate an object?

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  by whyasky » Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:44 am
I've been experimenting with rotating an object in T3D.

At first, I setup the camera to orbit around the object.
But that didn't have the desired affect.

Instead, I'd like to rotate the object itself -
Leaving the camera in a fixed position.

So, far I've only been able to get it to rotate on the Z axis ... not X or Y.

Not sure if I'm trying the wrong approach or what --

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  %txfm = %object.getTransform(); 
  echo(" object starting transform=" @ %txfm ); 
  // change the rotation based on number keys // 
      case "LEFT":   %rotMod = "0 0 0.1"; 
      case "RIGHT":  %rotMod = "0 0 -0.1"; 
      case "DOWN":   %rotMod = "0 1 0"; 
      case "UP":     %rotMod = "0 -1 0"; 
   // create rotation matrix from radian angles   
   %rotTrans = MatrixCreateFromEuler(%rotMod);   
   // multiply against objects original transform 
   %newTransform = MatrixMultiply(%txfm, %rotTrans); 
   // set the transform     
   %object.setTransform( %newTransform ); 

This seems to rotate it correctly on the horizontal axis (Z?)
But not the other axis's (guessing it X and Y not rotating)

Is this the correct approach -- Using a matrix multiply ?

Any ideas or examples of how to get it rotating in all directions?
in other words ... +/- X or Y or Z ... based on input.

I get the key mapping, etc ... just need a working example of the matrix math to use.
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by cybore » Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:07 am
This might help you figure out what your after.

Torque3D Script Rotations Explained and Converted
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