Replace TP and FP player models with only scripting?

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by TorqueFan » Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:15 am
saindd wrote:This is what i'm talking about. What are the required bone names?

Gosh, my bad man, totally misread your OP and thought you were interested in weapons... The bones go like this:

Code: Select all

   -Bip01 Pelvis
      -Bip01 Spine
         -Bip01 Spine1
            -Bip01 Spine2
               -Bip01 Neck
                  -Bip01 Head
                      Bip01 HeadNub
                  -Bip01 L Clavicle
                     -Bip01 L UpperArm
                        -Bip01 L Forearm
                           -Bip01 L Hand
                  -Bip01 R Clavicle
                     -Bip01 R UpperArm
                        -Bip01 R Forearm
                           -Bip01 R Hand
         -Bip01 L Thigh
            -Bip01 L Calf
               -Bip01 L Foot
                  -Bip01 L Toe0
                     -Bip01 L ToeNub
         -Bip01 R Thigh
            -Bip01 R Calf
               -Bip01 R Foot
                  -Bip01 R Toe0
                     -Bip01 R ToeNub

That's pretty much the basic layout, I didn't include finger bones which are unimportant for the example anyways. Some of the nodes are rarely used but here's a list of those as well in case:




I've heard of an 'ear' node as well but haven't ever seen it in any of the source art.

The important bones deal with the player code resolving the spine - in player.cpp:

Code: Select all

      // Resolve spine
      spineNode[0] = mShape->findNode("Bip01 Pelvis");
      spineNode[1] = mShape->findNode("Bip01 Spine");
      spineNode[2] = mShape->findNode("Bip01 Spine1");
      spineNode[3] = mShape->findNode("Bip01 Spine2");
      spineNode[4] = mShape->findNode("Bip01 Neck");
      spineNode[5] = mShape->findNode("Bip01 Head");

These bones are important for the player's 'look' animation, which you can define in the player model's .cs file. Hope this is helpful.
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by Hodo33 » Sat Mar 10, 2018 6:02 pm
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I was interested in changing the weapon, I have a pistol with silencer but I can't just put it in. It wont show up properly in first person view. How would I just change the weapon?
Jason Campbell
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by Jason Campbell » Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:22 pm
Hey Hodo33, if your talking about keeping the FPS arms and replacing the weapon, the only way I found is by using 3DStudio Max 2010-2011 to import the Lurker or Ryder and replace the model but keep the animations. The animations for the arms are contained within the weapons in default Torque3D. It is unfortunate really because without 3Dmax it seems impossible. Probably the easiest way to learn more is to download the source for Ubergame by Duion and look at how he does his paintball gun. Another way, if you are decent at animation and modeling, you could create your own arms and animations. Sorry I'm not much help here but I have no way of using 3dMax anymore and therefore can not make custom weapons with the existing arms.
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by Duion » Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:45 pm
The paintball player is a new model I made from scratch, it does not have FP hands or weapons or animations, it's all in the TP model. I did not release the source for him yet, since he is not complete, but I can send the file if someone is interested.
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by Hodo33 » Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:29 pm
Thanks for all the info... my artist uses Maya, dont suppose there is a skeleton out there for the character that comes with game?
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by Duion » Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:12 pm
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The official garagegames asset packs got leaked, since they stopped paying for Github, don't know if they are legal to use.

But I would recommend doing your own characters, don't bother with the default soldier, will save you stress in the long run.
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